Vicenta Orquín Roig

My name is Vicenta Orquín Roig, and I was born here in Ibiza in 1972. I graduated in law at the renowned San Pablo de Valencia CEU University in 1995, and immediately began to work in Ibiza as a lawyer at the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de las Islas Baleares (The Illustrious College of Balearic Lawyers).

In 2001, with a desire to find a better solution for the cases brought to me by my clients, I studied for two years in order to become a Mediator and I am now an official member of the Baleares Register of Mediators. This enables me to offer clients a more holistic approach to their problems.

Vicenta Orquín

In 1997 I became a member of the Asociación de Abogadas de Familia de España (The Association of Spanish Family Lawyers) specialising in the field of Civil Law – specifically Real Estate and Matrimonial Law, including legal separations, divorce (including resolving contested issues relating to children), civil partnerships, (couples who live together outside of marriage and same- sex couples) and child adoption.

I aim to provide a specialised personal service taking your individual circumstances into account, offering the most efficient and cost-effective way to proceed with your case and find the best solution for you.


Currently specializing in Civil Law (contracts, legal financial claims and inheritance claims) and Family Law.

The support of our network of expert lawyers will be available for all other legal matters.


> Law degree from the University CEU San Pablo de Valencia (1990–1995).

Practicing Law in Ibiza and Formentera in the Illustrious College of Balearic Lawyers since 1995.

> Legal Mediator Vocational Training in Ibiza (1996–1998), School of Juridical.

Mediation Masters Course in Mediation and Conflict Resolution (February 2001 – July 2002), and Registered Member of Balearic Mediators since July 2002

Postgraduate Degree in Family Law at the University of Balearic islands (2005 – 2006).

Member of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers since 1997.

Postgraduate degree in Real Estate Law (2005 – 2007).

Languages spoken

Spanish, English, Catalán, German, Italian, French (with simultaneous translations from your first visit if necessary, depending on the complexity of the case.)